Which is better: Starbucks’ Java Chip Frappuccino or Xtreme Bean’s Java Chip Frapp?

As it gets close to summertime, you may find yourself craving a blended-ice drink rather than your normal hot coffee or latte. While corporate companies like Starbucks, Dutch Bros. and McDonald’s are on every corner, you may find better recipes, prices and atmospheres at local coffee shops.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of Xtreme Bean Coffee Company‘s Xtreme Java Chip Frapp and Starbucks’ Java Chip Frappuccino:

Xtreme Bean Coffee Co.
Size: Medium (24-ounce)
Price: $4.15
Calories: 400 (estimate)
Ingredients: Iced coffee, nonfat milk,
mocha powder with chocolate chips, ice


Photo by Erin Roman

Size: Venti (24-ounce)
Price: $5.14
Calories: 580
Ingredients: Coffee, whole milk, chocolate syrup, vanilla syrup, frappuccino base syrup, java chips, ice

Image from ohdearbarb on Flickr

Photo courtesy of ohdearbarb on flickr

WINNER: Xtreme Java Chip Frapp
This frapp is well blended and has a rich mocha taste. The java chips add a nice texture and enhance the coffee taste, but are small enough to get through the straw. They automatically use nonfat milk, making it healthier than its corporate alternative without sacrificing taste. The baristas always ask if whipped cream is a yay or nay, just in case you forget. Overall, it’s a perfect summertime drink that won’t break the bank or your diet.

LOSER: Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino
The sweetness in this frappuccino is overwhelming and all of the syrups are unnecessary. It is not blended enough and chunks of java chips block the straw making it impossible to get a good sip. Unless you specify nonfat, you will get whole milk and whipped cream (aka even more calories). Not to mention it is almost a dollar more expensive than its local competitor. If you have a sweet tooth, however, this is the drink for you.

Every coffee shop uses different beans and a different ratio of ingredients, which is why they do not taste the same everywhere. Where else have you tried a Java Chip blended beverage? In your experience, have corporate or local companies made better drinks?


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