Art, DJs and Pie, Oh My!

It’s not a requirement for coffeehouses to have events, but the ones that do give you a good taste of the atmosphere of the shop. Below are three  downtown coffeehouses that have events you can enjoy! Check out the maps on the “Welcome” page for locations.


Jobot holds a variety of activities outside its shop

Jobot holds a variety of activities outside its shop. (Photo by Alicia Canales)

John Sagasta said just about any event is welcomed at his coffeehouse, Jobot.

“We’ll do something that caters to kids one weekend and the next weekend we’ll do an all-night drunk fest,” Sagasta said.

Some events Jobot has done in the past include local art shows, DJs playing on First Fridays, and square dancing with music provided by Pick N Holler.

Sagasta said they are looking to start The Tiny Couch series again, where a couch is set on the patio and musicians perform on it. He also mentioned an in-the-works idea where once a month, Jobot becomes a full service restaurant with a different menu, tablecloths, waiters and a possible beer and wine menu.

Shine Coffee

Shine Coffee may be a new member of the downtown Phoenix coffeehouse family, but it’s already launched a signature event. Owner Laryn Blok said there is a “Movie-Coffee-Pie” event with Mamma Toledo’s pie truck during First Fridays.

Blok said the free event usually has 30 to 50 people attend. She hopes to start a Coffee Crawl event in the future, making use of the light rail. She said the events contribute to the overall atmosphere of the shop.

“We’re called Shine for a reason,” Blok said. “They (the events) give people an urban coffee experience – which is what midtown Phoenix has needed.”

Photo courtesy of Song Bird Coffee & Tea House's Facebook page

Songbird hosts a monthly concert near their space in Monorchid on Roosevelt Street. (Photo courtesy of Songbird Coffee & Tea House’s Facebook page)

Songbird Coffee & Tea House

As a former band producer, owner Jonathan Carroll has experience and contacts within the music scene.

“I wanted to expose people to local bands,” Carroll said.

Carroll heads the Songbird Saturday Concert series, a free monthly concert on the lawn near the space. Carroll said the first concert in January had about 250 people. The concerts are on a hiatus for the summer, but will resume again in October.

Songbird also hosts an artist show once or twice a month. Carroll said if he, his wife and his co-owner like the art and it fits with the décor, it will go up on the wall. Customers are welcomed to buy the art, and all proceeds go to the artist.

“We’re not here to make a profit from their work,” Carroll said.


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