Where do college students get their coffee?

When 10 Arizona State University college students were asked what they order at coffee shops, to no ones surprise, everyone said something different.

Some people, Lauren Mason and Alejandra Guillen for example, only get their coffee from chains like Dutch Bros. and Starbucks.

Guillen frequents Dutch Bros where she always gets The Kicker, “because I need a pick me up before my 7 a.m. class.”

Others, like Michael Bartelt, swear by the different local shops in the downtown area.

“I like to go to 8th Day if I can, that’s the best coffee I’ve had in the downtown area,” Bartelt said.

Many routine coffee drinkers are still looking for that good old-fashioned caffeine energy.  The local shops tended to draw the caffeine addicts.

Gabe Radley, a local coffee connoisseur drinks iced toddies (cold brewed coffee) for a massive caffeine kick.

Another reason many downtown Phoenicians choose local coffee shops is to support locally owned businesses in the area. Radley explains coffee in downtown Phoenix in the interview below.


2 thoughts on “Where do college students get their coffee?

  1. I was told that to formulate the ideal cappuccino you need to use seriously cold milk – however
    I cannot tell the major difference in the ones I have produced from home.
    Even though I’m a little bit of a rookie the cappuccinos I make at home are superior than Starbucks (In My Opinion Anyway !)

    • I think if you can produce coffee shop quality at home I’d say I’m jealous! At home you can make the drinks exactly how you want every time. Kudos to you!

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