Coffee Enthusiasts


Alicia Canales, a California native, enjoys the relaxed atmosphere of Phoenix coffee shops. She spends hours on end at local coffeehouses writing articles or doing homework. Her favorite drink is a filthy chai with almond milk from One Coffee Co.


Sophia Mayberry is the perfect example of the “coffee drinker” who only has super sweet coffee drinks. Though she is a college student, she never needs coffee to pull all nighters. Sophia loves to try different beverages at coffee shops like tea and smoothies. Her favorite coffee beverage is the iced mocha at Lux coffee.


Erin Roman never liked coffee until she became a barista at Starbucks in July 2011. Her first day on the job, she had to taste every drink she made (including espresso shots) and from that day forward became addicted. Her favorite winter drink is a Caramel Macchiato and her favorite summer drink is a Passion Tea Lemonade. However, she recently discovered Xtreme Bean Coffee Co. and walks there frequently to get a Java Chip Frapp and catch up on some homework.


When Mallory Price is not brewing up a pot of coffee at home, she enjoys an iced vanilla latte from the nearest Starbucks. Originally from the Chicago area, Mallory is just beginning to experience Phoenix and Tempe coffee culture. She already enjoys visiting Jobot and Fair Trade Café to get her caffeine fix.


On any day you can see Jessie Zook sporting her “Stay Calm and Drink Coffee” mug or her “Drink Coffee Do Good” shirt from 8th Day. She used to drink about 10 cups a day, but realized that may not be the healthiest and has recently backed down to a maximum of five cups a day. She doesn’t have a favorite drink, but drinks a lot of black coffee, vanilla lattes and mochas.